Does chemotherapy cause extreme weakness?

There is a vast difference in how patients respond to chemotherapy.  Some patients find themselves feeling fatigued.  However, others are able to maintain their normal lives, including work, exercise and leisure activities.

Can chemotherapy itself can kill a patient?

It is extremely rare for a prostate cancer patient do die from chemotherapy.  It is important to monitor side effects and to talk to your doctor about the side effects you are experiencing.

Is chemotherapy a last resort treatment for prostate cancer?

Chemotherapy is typically given once cancer has moved beyond the prostate.  However, it is far from a last resort treatment.  Studies have shown that chemotherapy given early in men who have been newly diagnosed with cancer that has spread outside of the prostate have a significant improvement in survival. 

Does having chemotherapy for prostate cancer mean you constantly feel sick?

There is a vast difference in how patients feel on chemotherapy and often it is impacted by other medicines being taken.  Fatigue is the most common side effect of chemotherapy.  There are new medications available to help other possible side effects of chemo like nausea and vomiting. 

“For the first month or two, I continued to swim, though not as much as I had been. I assumed that if I stayed active it would help me through the chemo. I was never incapacitated in that sense. There were a few days where either I didn’t feel well or was really tired, so I didn’t go out and pound the pavement or anything.”

Prostatepedia Interview 8/28/18