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When battling cancer you want your body to be functioning at its absolute best and a maintaining a healthy diet, exercise, low stress levels and plenty of sleep will help!  Having a healthy lifestyle will aid in keeping up your strength, energy and immune system. People who are healthier overall are better able to cope with side effects of treatment. 


Eating Well During Treatment

Nutrition During Cancer Treatment

Foods to Avoid During Cancer Treatment

Eating Well During and After Your Cancer Treatment

Video: Mark Van Buren, Graf Center at Englewood Hospital - Meditation

“For the first month or two, I continued to swim, though not as much as I had been. I assumed that if I stayed active it would help me through the chemo. I was never incapacitated in that sense. There were a few days where either I didn’t feel well or was really tired, so I didn’t go out and pound the pavement or anything.”

Prostatepedia Interview 8/28/18