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One healthcare provider may not be able to provide all the information and expertise about the various treatments. Therefore, talk with your whole healthcare team and ask them to consult with each other to identify a path forward that fits your needs and treatment goals.

Importance of a Multi-Disciplinary Team PDF

  • Bring different specialties together to help plan your next step and treatment strategy.
  • Team may include:
    • Urologist
    • Medical Oncologist
    • Radiation Oncologist
    • General Practitioner
    • Therapist or Psychologist
    • Nurses
    • Pain Management
    • Nutritionist
    • Social Worker 
  • Second opinions are critical.  Patients should seek a second opinion at key decision points during the disease journey.

“…rather than waiting for the cancers to become resistant to hormone treatments, if you used hormones with chemotherapy right up front… you could have a more dramatic improvement in overall survival.”

Dr. William Oh Prostapedia Interview Aug. 2018